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for uppermost quality of life* personal and business

Cor van Leeuwen


We provide a network of specialists in a diverse range of areas. Think of it as a travel organization that gets you to a new destination and makes sure you get the most out of your journey.

Recipes, ideas, clever solutions, and insights for optimal results and quality of life, private or business-wise.



didc offers a range of programs and seminars that support you in improving your quality of life and entrepreneurship. Well-being, happiness and results.

‘Happiness brings success, success doesn’t always bring happiness’.

We specialize in questions such as: why do the things you do not always result in what you want; how to be effective and authentic at the same time; how to get the most out of yourself and life.


Events and Seminars

Get to know our vision and facilitators at one of our events and seminars. The seminars and masterclasses cover a wide range of topics including personal leadership, branding, marketing, sales, NLP / SOIL (Science of Intuitive Living), coaching, innovative thinking, creativity, and much more.

SOIL/NLP Practitioner and Master

The newest form of a holiday: a life-changing journey ‘Altering reality as you know it’

Boost up your system, refocus and make a project work. The almost latest thing was the NOW. Attention and passion, for the small details that are there. Making the world smaller. Like a hologram, a part is the whole and the whole is to be found in every part. So being in everything and everywhere… aware… or ‘mindless’ at the same time. Beyond consciousness as a method to reveal what is happening.

No more searching for the why, but more how to connect.

Very surprising in a world that is almost run by technology lots of people go back to the yoga and the learning state.

Training and coaching at more than 450 companies and thousands of satisfied clients